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Rules of the Website


Those who contact this website accept the rules, terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "rules") and those indicated in the other pages of the website. If these conditions are not acceptable to you, you are kindly requested to leave the website. Those who access the other pages of the website express, by doing so, their acceptance of the rules. BISSO is free to change the rules at any time without notice.

Purpose of the website

The purpose of the website is merely to illustrate, publish and advertise information about the products and services of BISSO (hereinafter "Information"). None of the information reported in the website can be considered, unless specifically declared, as a promise to the public or binding in any way for any negotiation, transaction or sale. All information published on the website should be considered as purely indicative and not binding in any way for BISSO, the website managers, or other third parties connected with the website by links.

Use of trademarks, images, photographs, drawings, sounds, films, software

Unless specifically indicated otherwise, any trademark, logo, image, sound, music, film clip, software or other used on the website (hereinafter "Object") is covered by the relative rights that safeguard ownership such as, by way of example and not exhaustively, trademark registration, patent, copyright, etc. These rights are all legitimately held by BISSO or granted to BISSO by the legitimate owners.
It is therefore forbidden, except for strictly personal purposes, to make any use (copy, partial copy, hardcopy) of the Objects. By strictly personal use we mean storage on your own personal computer or printing of the Objects for purposes of conservation of documentation for personal use.
Uses which are not strictly personal - and thus illegitimate - include distribution and transmission - meaning also making them available on other websites - of the Objects to third parties, modifying them, publishing them, reusing them in other documents or files, and any type of reprocessing.
BISSO is not responsible in any way and may not be called to respond for violations of the rights that the owners of the Objects given on concession to BISSO can claim against users of the website who, in any way, may have violated such rights. The responsibilities for such violations remain for the user of the website who commits them.

Damages due to connection

BISSO is not responsible for any damages consequent to accessing the website and using or downloading the Objects in it, whether due to defects, errors or anything else or whether due to inability to use the material in the website. .


BISSO is not responsible for the contents of any websites connected by lines to the BISSO website or for the contents of websites other than its own to which it refers by links.

Truth, compulsory nature and exhaustiveness of information, offers and services illustrated in the website -territorial nature of information - lack of responsibility

Since all Information is purely indicative, there is no guarantee as to its accuracy and completeness.
Likewise, all Information in the website is to be understood as not binding on BISSO or the other subjects indicated or referred to by links.
In particular, the Information contained in the website may not be valid in all the countries in which the website can be seen. Users who desire accurate, detailed information should contact the BISSO offices in their country.
It is also possible that the information contained on the website may be arbitrarily changed by BISSO at any time for any reason without being, either before or after changing, binding in any way on BISSO.

Privacy safeguards

BISSO applies, in the law and spirit, safeguards on privacy.
These safeguards apply to all those in contact with BISSO, whether employees, suppliers, clients, potential clients or merely visitors of its website.

Release of personal data

If a visitor to the website intends voluntarily to release data defined as personal by law D.L.G. 196/2003, this can only be done in respect of the rules and procedures indicated in the website which comply with that law.
Release of personal data is a free choice of every visitor to the website.
There is no registration of personal data in the BISSO website except following specific notice to the visitor of the possibility of registering such personal data. In order to avoid any errors or misunderstandings, any registration of personal data is not made without further and final confirmation by the visitor.

Surfing the web and registration of accesses - use of cookies and file logs

BISSO uses cookie technology to make statistical measurements of its website.
A cookie is a small informative element sent by the website contacted and saved on the hard disk by the browser of your computer.
The website traces the route of the cookie (so-called activity of "click stream" or registration of the pathways followed by the visitors to a website in passage from one page to another) without this activity having the power to mark or identify the user who visits the website, for the purpose of gathering statistical data on the website such as, for example, the pages viewed, the pages downloaded etc.
We reiterate that none of this information is associated to you in any individual way. Cookies do not capture your personal e-mail address or any other private information.
The information obtained by tracing cookies is only evaluated as a whole.
BISSO also uses the file logs of the web server to contact visitors and evaluate the technical capabilities of our website.
We use this information to ascertain how many people visit the website, so as to organize the pages in the most accessible way to facilitate surfing the website and make the pages more useful for the users.
We collect information about website traffic but not about the individual visitors. Therefore no information concerning you in particular can be saved or used.

E-mail, mailing lists

If you want to send e-mail to the website or if the website suggests that you sign up on a mailing list to receive information of your interest on your computer, you should know that if one of these options requires registration of your personal data this will always be kept in respect of the law on Privacy. Therefore any registration will only be made with your explicit and repeated consent.

Applicable law - court jurisdiction

As we already indicated in the warnings, access to the website signifies your complete acceptance of the rules contained therein.
Therefore, the user who accesses the website agrees that the legislation applicable to settle any problems deriving from access to the website, or the information or Objects it contains is Italian law.
Likewise, the user agrees that the sole court with jurisdiction for such problems is the Court of Cremona.

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