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Bridge sawing machines P.b.n.e. 350
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P.B.N.E. 350

Electronic bridge sawing machine


P.B.N.E. 350: Large-sized electronic bridge sawing machine for cutting stone material.

Very strong and stiff iron casting structure with double beam, mechanically worked by using high quality and precision systems.
Spindle sliding on an assembly of iron casting guides and special frictionless pads in oil bath.
Spindle sliding kinematical motion through a timing belt system with variable speed.
Bridge traverse on special steel guides with ball rollers in oil bath.
Bridge traverse kinematical motion through a pinion/rack system in oil bath with variable speed.
Spindle axis assembled on bearings in oil bath driven by an electric motor through V-belts.
Spindle lifting on round guide with screw kinematical motion with variable speed.
Turntable on a special ball-bearing pivot block, particularly sensitive, with a full load too.
Machine with fast movements and soft at the same time, and particularly silent.
The machine is supplied with water system with solenoid valve and flow-indicator, which stops the machine automatically in case of water lack.
Electrical board at floor level and hanging push- button control panel.
Linear laser for material alignment.



- Bench with automatic rotation and precision locking each 45. Electronic positioning on 360. Bench rotation visualisation with control 1/100.
-Adjustable disc rotation speed (inverter): 500:2000 g/1'.
- Silenced disc guard.

Standard workings

01 Single cut
01 Single cut
02 Multiple cut
02 Multiple cut
03 Chequered cut
03 Chequered cut
04 Slabs flattening
04 Slabs flattening
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Machines to process marble, granite and engineered quartz stones
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